Hunting for Buried Drugs in ‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ Doc Trailer



March 15, 2019

Source: YouTube

“We’ve got a plane, we’ve got a pilot, and we’ve got a plan.” Netflix has debuted the trailer for a fascinating true-crime documentary titled The Legend of Cocaine Island, the latest by filmmaker Theo Love (Little Hope Was Arson). This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and at a few other small fests, with a global Netflix release later this month. The story goes that Rodney Hyden, a small business owner from Florida (of course, where else?), desperate for salvation after losing his fortune in the recession decides to go on a search for a (possibly) mythical $2 million stash of cocaine buried on an island in the Caribbean. The docudrama features a lot of key recreations, with Rodney playing himself in these vividly shot scenes. The big surprise is that, as dumb as this story sounds, it doesn’t play out the way you’re expecting. Dive in.

Here’s the official trailer for Theo Love’s doc The Legend of Cocaine Island, direct from YouTube:

Rodney Hyden is an American dreamer: a small business owner and family man from Central Florida. But after he’s wiped out by the Great Recession, Rodney hears a story that could be his ticket out of his mounting debt: a tale of a map, an island and buried treasure. Fueled by a combination of economic desperation and blissful ignorance, Rodney hatches a plan to retrieve a possibly mythical $2 million stash of cocaine from its reported Caribbean hiding place. With the help of a colorful group of misfits – and without prior drug-running experience – Rodney sets out in pursuit of his very own American dream, with surprising results. The Legend of Cocaine Island is directed by filmmaker / producer Theo Love, of the doc Little Hope Was Arson previously, plus a few short films. This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Netflix will release The Legend of Cocaine Island streaming exclusively starting on March 29th.

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